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Curious What Brokechella Was Like?

Here are some more quotes to give you a taste of what the experience was like! 

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Coachella is not my idea of fun; it’s more my idea of let’s make Uncle Almie cry. There’s lots of people, dirty hot sweaty people, and you have to throw money everywhere. If you can rock it out there, by all means, have fun in the assy desert. But if you’re high maintenance and totally fucking annoying like I am, Brokechella is the chella for you. Not to say that Brokechella was annoying; it was crazy fun and chill at the same time. It was a bunch of people in a warehouse getting free stuff and getting photographed and dancing to random LA bands that should be crazy famous but aren’t and eating and drinking. Big thanks to Cartel: Collaborative Arts L.A. for putting together such a creative and spirited event.

-Almie Rose (Apocalypstick, Hello Giggles)

The festival celebrates the indie scene in the truest sense of the word…Design is a key aspect in appreciating the brilliance that is Brokechella. Using the large Studio Six01 cARTel managed to create a real sense of community for everyone that attended. Not only was there room to move around but plenty to see and do….Since the festival went from 4 p.m.- 2 a.m., it’s always good to provide distractions for the audience. In this case, cARTel went old school with a Ms.Pac Man machine, face painting, a shared art mural that everyone could contribute to and a DIY photo area. The DIY vibe was prominent throughout the night, even the DJ booth was held down by a bunch of bricks. It’s hard not to get the impression that if the party needed to be broken up for any reason it would take all of five minutes for the staff to pack everything into a bunch of trucks and leave…Brokechella gives the eccentric and eclectic of Los Angeles a place to go to enjoy great local music for next to nothing. Coachella was just the excuse; one gets the impression they would have thrown this party no matter what the circumstances. 

-Press Pass LA

What I loved most about the event besides the awesome up-and-coming musicians (Das Tapes especially), was the interactive art mural, unlimited drinks as lovable VIPs, and just meeting awesome nice people! By the way, Daren Criss from GLEE was apparently in attendance as was a spongebob squarepants pinata. There was never a moment during the evening that I didn’t enjoy an artist’s music!

-Before the Bigs

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